Our Mission

Sustainably ELECTRIFY humanity & reduce global carbon emissions.

Our goal is to sustainably electrify humanity through the creation of economically viable 100% green and zero-waste lithium-ion battery recycling and refining technologies.

Our approach to building battery supply chain capacity is decentralized and scalable, with the objective to reduce overall recycling costs, emissions, and to reintegrate green recycled battery-grade precursor cathode and anode materials back into the U.S. EV battery supply chain.

we recycle


We use innovative green technologies that recycle and extract the scarce valuable and renewable materials found in spent lithium-ion batteries.

we produce

battery grade
electrification metals

Operating in the middle and downstream segments of the battery supply chain, our core business is to:

Products & Services

Battery supply chain lifecycle

We are closing-the-loop between landfilling end-of-life lithium-ion batteries and traditional mining of raw materials. We are an alternative source of renewable battery materials for the production of new EV batteries. 

By recycling and refining the recovered end-of-life  cathode and anode materials we are:

How it works


We safely stabilize the lithium-ion battery ​


Then we run the stabilized materials through our separation process


Plastics, metals and graphite are segregated from the recovered battery cathode materials, a.k.a. blackmass


We then purify and extract the precursor cathode battery materials

Our technology

Decentralized Modular & Scalable

Our end-of-life lithium-ion battery recovery solutions and material extraction technologies aim to build local battery recycling capability and capacity to support the sustainable electrification of the transport and power sectors. Our end-of-life solution is designed to limit the transportation of hazardous waste and reduce the overall cost of transportation and sorting, which currently constitutes over 50% of the end-of-life recycling costs.


the electrification revolution

The transition away from fossil fuels to clean energy is upon us. The electrification of the transport and energy sectors is a critical step towards achieving Net Zero by 2050.

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